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Moldex3D Flow explicit analysis capabilities give you deep insight in plastic flow behaviors from macro view to micro view, such as fountain flow, inertia effect and gravity effect. With the power of Moldex3D Flow, you can clearly observe melt flow behavior, accurately detect potential weldline and detect short shot problems, etc.


  • Predict 3D fountain flow phenomena, inertia phenomena, viscosity heating effects, etc

  • Predict weld line / air trap locations to minimize or eliminate

  • Predict the injection pressure and evaluate the requirement of clamping force

  • Evaluate the runner layout and type to minimize the volume of material and achieve runner balancing

  • Optimize the gate location and size to minimize weld lines and achieve balanced filling

  • Optimize process conditions in filling stage, such as injection time, melt temperature, ram speed profile, etc

  • Simulate filling process for multi-cavity molds or family molds

  • Simulate multi-component molding process, including insert molding and multi-shot sequential molding (Moldex3D MCM module is required)

Surface-defect-Prediction (1).jpg


​Surface defect Prediction

  • Weld line prediction

  • Air trap prediction

  • Molding defect diagnosis such for hesitation or race-tracking


Venting, Gate location (wizard)

  • Verify venting design with filling pattern

  • Initial air pressure can be specified

  • Quickly single/multiple gate locations recommendation

  • Constrain gating region of non-gating or gating can be specified



  • Easy-to-Use IMD BC approach for specifying decoration film

  • Wash-Out Index induced by melt filling

  • Thermal/constrain effects consideration

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