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Why  Resin Transfer Molding  Simulation?

Resin transfer molding (RTM) is one of the liquid composites molding (LCM) process. The RTM process is used in many applications as it can reduce the time of manufacturing and make high strength of products. This process has very high potential for composite components production, which can bring higher cost efficiency for industries.

Resin-Transfer-Molding-RTM001 (2).jpg

Injection Compressing Molding (position compression mode)


  • Evaluate the influence of fiber mat property on permeability and filling behaviors in both flow and thickness directions

  • Optimize resin infusion parameters such as pressure, flow rate, multi-inlet open/close control, etc

  • Evaluate the impact on flow direction by applying different venting designs

 What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Utilize non-isothermal 3D analysis for various applications

  • Visualize flow behaviors and Warpage displacement with details

  • Applicable for fiber mat property (complex layers) and curved surfaces

  • Predict curing effect on thermoset resin

  • Support pressure/flow rate control and multi-inlet open/close control

  • Evaluate the result to verify the influence of changing fiber mat type and orientation

  • Provide measurement of permeability

Resin-Transfer-Molding-RTM002 (1).jpg

Velocity distribution and vector

Applicable Industries

  • Energy

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Electronics

  • Boats

  • Consumer Product

Applicable Moldex3D Package

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