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Multi-Component Molding (MCM)

Multi-component molding is one of the greatest methods to diversify the development of the plastic molded product fabrication. Moldex3D MCM simulates the multiple components molding process, including insert molding, overmolding and multi-shot sequential molding. Based on true 3D technology, explicit analysis capabilities of Moldex3D MCM give you a powerful tool to accurately analyze the interaction between different components and further optimize product design. Moreover, this module helps you to predict the warpage due to property mismatch of different materials, prolonged cooling time and unsymmetrical shrinkage in two-color or overmolding processes…etc.



For insert molding, Moldex3D provides tools to visualize an insert molding process. Users are able to obtain the critical information from simulation, such as melt flow patterns and temperature distribution inside the mold. The wide range of materials available in database helps material combination being optimized. Along with the easy-to-use pre-processor and smart Process Wizard, designers are able to carry out a design and process to achieve a uniform temperature distribution and shrinkage that ensures dimensional stability. Moldex3D helps companies to transform their creative concepts into innovative products with reduced time to market and development costs.


  • Simulate insert molding, overmolding and multi-shot sequential molding process

  • Visualize plastic flow patterns with effect of inserts

  • Predict temperature variation and the heat transfer between plastic melt and inserts

  • Evaluate the interactive effect of part inserts and parts in warpage

  • Evaluate the mechanical property (fiber orientation) effect of part inserts and parts in warpage analysis

  • Detect thermal degradation problem of plastic components due to reheating by hot melt flow

  • Export the results to structure analyses for product strength prediction

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