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Industry Challenges

Plastics are used largely for electronics devices due to its premium thermal and insulating properties. The wide application can range from electrical connectors, switches, mobile devices to computers… etc. Due to more and more electronics are featuring with lightweight, small size, high power and high efficiency, the miniaturization trend has posed great challenges on plastic electronic parts. More time and costs are spent on meeting high precision requirements. Besides, the industry has been struggling to face rapid innovation, fast speed to market and shorter product life cycle in order to stay ahead of competitors.

Moldex3D Solutions and Benefits

Moldex3D solutions are designed to enable users to simulate and verify complex processes with a true 3D technology. With Moldex3D, precision assembling problems can be predicted in advance. Common appearance defects, such as short shot, weld line, air trap and sink mark can be avoided at the initial design stage. Besides traditional injection molding, Moldex3D can provide complex injection molding process simulations, including conformal cooling, hot runner, multiple component molding, gas-assisted injection molding, etc. These advanced simulation tools empower designers, molders and manufacturers in electronics industry to make critical design decisions for reducing development costs, time to market and quickly optimizing product ROI.

Moldex3D Solves Tough Problems

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Computer Components

  • Computer components from connectors to chips on motherboards can all get benefits from Moldex3D simulations. For example, connector manufacturers usually pay more attention on weld lines and flatness issues; LCD panel manufacturers seek for added values with variotherm and conformal cooling.

  • These innovative molding technologies are supported in Moldex3D as Solution Add-ons.

Home Appliances

  • Manufacturers of household appliances range from TVs, refrigerators to washing machines usually encounter appearance problems such as weld lines, air traps, and sink marks. Hot runner and sequential valve gate control designs are commonly used in plastic housings molding processes to avoid undesired weld lines. Moldex3D can help predict and solve these critical problems.


Computer Components

  • Moldex3D provides comprehensive solutions to hand-held electronics, in which insert molding and overmolding processes are widely employed. The mobile phone cases for example, usually encounter weld line, warpage and short shot problems. Moldex3D unique auto meshing features help perform tons of design verifications and revisions effectively in one day.

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