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Moldex3D 2021

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Our Services

  • Collect and analyze dynamic response data of molding machine

  • Create model file of Moldex3D machine digital twin (*.MMIP)

  • Provide professional report of Machine characteristics analysis


Benefits and Advantages

Identify the characteristics and status of machine

  • Identify physical characteristics of the machine

  • Identify actual dynamic responses of the machine

  • Evaluate production stability and related potential issues

Bridge gaps between simulation and manufacturing

  • Enable simulation considering actual molding response of machine

  • Enable simulation results approaching real molding patterns

  • Generate process conditions fit in real setting of molding machine

Connect simulation to real production

  • Able to directly apply CAE process conditions on shop floor

  • Reduce the time and cost from mold tryout to production

  • Create possibility for workflow automation from simulation to machine controller

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