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Parallel Processing (PP)

The three major concerns of industrial CAE users are accuracy, computation speed and user-friendliness. True 3D simulation not only satisfies those concerns, but offers more advantages that conventional 2.5D cannot reach, such as CAD integration, accuracy, model simplification…etc. However, true 3D simulation inevitably increases computation time and requests more computing resource. Although the High-Performance Finite Volume Method, HPFVM, employed by Moldex3D has already outperformed other 3D software, but users are still eagerly expecting significant improvements.

Moldex3D takes the lead in parallel computing to enhance the computation performance and perform analyses in less time on more complex model with larger element count than ever. The high-performance parallelized kernel is equipped integrated analyses of Flow, Pack, Cool, Warp, Fiber and RIM (Reactive Injection Molding). Furthermore, Moldex3D parallel computing technology supports both Multi-CPU platform and PC-Cluster.

For optical parts, fiber-reinforced automobile components, connectors, gears…etc., the demand for high accuracy and high speed computation can never be underestimated. Computation speed can be improved by newer and more powerful CPU. However, improvement from CPU clock rate alone cannot satisfy industrial users in speed nor accuracy. Utilization of multiple CPU is therefore the most effective approach.


For insert molding, Moldex3D provides tools to visualize an insert molding process. Users are able to obtain the critical information from simulation, such as melt flow patterns and temperature distribution inside the mold. The wide range of materials available in database helps material combination being optimized. Along with the easy-to-use pre-processor and smart Process Wizard, designers are able to carry out a design and process to achieve a uniform temperature distribution and shrinkage that ensures dimensional stability. Moldex3D helps companies to transform their creative concepts into innovative products with reduced time to market and development costs.

 Performance Benchmark

  • Moldex3D, the leading professional CAE for injection molding, is the ONLY one offering the entire parallel computing support in Flow, Pack, Cool, Warp, Fiber, MCM, and so on. By utilizing the strength of multi-Core or multi-CPU, the time required for analysis is greatly shortened. For example, the computing efficiency is enhanced up to fifty to eighty percent on general dual-core PC, even much more. Moldex3D parallel computing lowers your cost and contributes to outstanding performance.

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