With Moldex3D, auto designers or makers are able to manage the life cycle of a product from its conception, through design and                  manufacturing. This also helps component designers or suppliers to get rid of most potential problems in early stage.

     Consumer Products

           With Moldex3D, industry designers or manufacturers are able to detect potential problems in early design stages. Furthermore,        

           Moldex3D simulation tools also offer various methods to reduce product variation and optimize processes.


           Moldex3D can provide complex injection molding process simulations, including conformal cooling, hot runner, multiple component            molding, gas-assisted injection molding, etc. These advanced simulation tools empower designers, molders and manufacturers in                electronics industry to make critical design decisions for reducing development costs, time to market and quickly optimizing          

           product ROI.


           Moldex3D provides simulation for Fill, Pack, Cool, and Warpage, a complete simulation solution for injection molding manufacture                process of medical product. Moldex3D aims to add value to each company by presenting problems and solutions, contributing to                  reduced time-to-market and prime product standard.


           Moldex3D Optics can extend to non-traditional injection process. This feature provides extensive applications on optical parts using              injection compression molding (ICM) or multiple components molding process (MCM).

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